Enneagram personality type 4 is oftentimes associated with the primary characteristic role of being a individualistic romantic. If you’ve been classified as a Enneagram Type 4, you’re more likely to take on goals and challenges by yourself without the need for feeling like multiple people have to be around just to obtain the specific goal or objective that you have in mind. This kind of mindset can be very useful in situations that involve a great amount of reliance on self or critical thinking.

Type 4 Enneagram personalities tend to be very creative and highly personable which makes them perfect for careers that involve socializing and art. People with this personality type see themselves different from the crowd which can lead to feelings of being misunderstood or “alone” in their quest to define what brings true value and meaning to their lives. One of the unique aspects about Type 4 Enneagram personalities is that they can swing from both sides of the pendulum.

For example, a Type 4 individual can either see themselves as more talented than everyone else or less talented than everyone else. These types are consistently focused on their differences and advantages in relation to others around them, however, they also are oftentimes very honest with themselves about their own motivations, feelings, emotions, and contradictions. A self-realized person with the ability to correct their own mistakes is a great way to summarize a Type 4 Enneagram individual.

Type 4 personalities have a basic fear of not being significant enough in society & not being able to establish a solid identity for themselves. Their core desires are being able to define who they truly are in addition to being able to find some sort of meaning or purpose in their life. They hold a true motivation for self-expression as a means of figuring out what truly makes them happy on the inside.

Enneagram Type 4 personalities are very introspective and tend to be self-absorbed in addition to being very dramatic. Type 4 Enneagram personalities can easily withdraw themselves from society in order to maintain their positive self-image and they tend to prioritize emotional needs over anything else in their life.

A common theme amongst Type 4 personalities is that they feel like they’re missing something on the inside of themselves however they also tend to find it difficult to figure out exactly what that “something” is. Type 4 personalities also commonly deal with issues related to low self-esteem and a negative perception of their own image which can be found as a chronic trait of this personality grouping. Positive aspects of Type 4 personalities include attributes such as taking responsibility for their emotional well-being, being able to analyze themselves on an introspective level to see what their main flaw and assets are, and they’re also able to maintain substantive motives which are carried with them throughout their life. Type 4 personalities are complex, emotional, caring, and very expressive which as some ways that you can identify this type in people

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