Enneagram Type 8 personalities are characterized by their dominant characteristics and their powerful presence. Type 8 personalities are often times called the Challenger because they have a keen ability to make clear and concise decisions that are completely removed from logic. Type 8 personalities also tend to be very self-confident however this can spill over into some negative attributes about the personality type such as their predisposed to being very confrontational.

If you fall into this personality type, you will likely have traits of very strong resourcefulness, a strong will power, being able to asset yourself in situations, and also being in control of your thoughts and emotion in a logical manner. Type 8 personalities are known for being very straightforward no-nonsense individuals that can be ego-centric at times however they have a strong inclination to want to assist others increasing the quality of their lives.

Self-mastery is at the heart of Type 8 personalities which is why they are able to help other because they have a firmly solidified understanding of their self. Type 8 personalities have a basic fear of being controlled by others or being put into the path of harm which may seem ironic given their very domineering and strong personality profile overall.

In contract to that, Type 8 personalities also have more of a proclivity to protect themselves and be in full control of their lives. They always strive to maintain self-reliance and stability by resisting weakness and feeling the need to have to prove their strength. Enneagram Type 8 individuals have a strong desire to inspire others and to be somebody in the world.

When it comes to strength and willpower, Type 8 personalities have it complete mastered as they are consistently finding ways to remain in control of their life and main objectives regardless of what may get in the way. Type 8 personalities tend to develop these traits at a very early age which is one of the main reasons why it’s so easy for them to maintain mental clarity and fortitude as they get older in life.

Enneagram Type 8 personalities are always looking for ways that they can impact their surrounding environment in a positive manner. A lot of the behavioral characteristics that you will find in Type 8 personalities have to do with their need for retaining and increasing their power when necessary. The fear of being harmed in a physical manner is at the top of a Type 8 personalities list and they will display signs of intimidation if they feel that their control is being threatened in a situation.

Type 8 personalizes are some of the “roughest” individuals that you’ll meet, and they maintain a “stand alone” attitude in pretty much every activity that they undertake. When a Type 8 personality can’t understand why they are being attacked or targeted in a negative manner, they will distance themselves from the situation out of an underlying feeling that they need to do so in order to retain total power over the situation.

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