Enneagram Type 9 personalities are categorized as the peacemaker out of all the various personality classifications. Type 9 personalities will oftentimes be very easygoing and are also very receptive when it comes to taking in information from the environment. Type 9 personalities also tend to be very complacent which can swing from one end of extreme to the next all depending on the primary mental state of the individual. For example, complacency can be good for maintaining stability however it can also impede progress when not properly balanced along with other personality traits.

Type 9 personalities are very supportive, and they like to avoid tension at all cost which allows them to perceive objects and situations in a straightforward and logical manner. Some other defining attributes about Type 9 personalities is that they are optimistic, creative, stable, and trustworthy. When you run into a Type 9 personality that has a good mental state, you will be encountering an individual who is capable of bringing people together regardless of differences so that healing can begin out of conflicts.

The basic feat that Type 9 personalities have is that of losing and being separated, this is likely due to the fact that Type 9 personalities are considered to be “spiritual seekers” and have an innate longing to be around people. The basic desire of a Enneagram Type 9 personality is to obtain and maintain inner stability at all times which is why the fear of loss and separation are the biggest worries for individual in this personality grouping.

Type 9 personalities strive to create a peaceful environment in all situations, preservation is one of the main principles that this personality type lives by and they will resist disruptions to their everyday life at all costs. Ironically, although personality Type 9s are very spiritual beings, they are also considered to be one of the most grounded personalities out of all the groups.

Type 9 personalities are very instinctive, yet they have the ability to cut this aspect of their personality off and can become disengaged or very cold at certain moments. Connecting with the universe and those around them is at the center of what Type 9 personalities desire however, they are known for “numbing” difficult or painful aspects of life so that they can remain in a state of perpetual peace within themselves.

Type 9 personalities will always try to find a simple and easy solution out of a problem regardless of how complex or difficult the problem may be. Type 9 personalities have a gift for “inhabiting” the complete essence of their being which allows them to develop a solid understanding of who they are at the core.

A Type 9 personality can be classified as someone who always looks on the “brighter side” of life as they are constantly finding positive aspects to outweigh the negative impacts that they may be feeling in their life during any given moment. Type 9 personalities are considered to be the most “complete” grouping out of all the Enneagram classifications.


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